On September 20th, we commemorated the one-year anniversary by remembering the lives lost and damage caused by the government's negligence. Now it's time to act.

If you care about getting Puerto Rico back on its feet and holding the federal government accountable for its catastrophic failure on the Island, you need to vote this November.

How to Record Your Story

In 30 seconds or less, tell us “Why are you voting this November?” Here are some tips to record your video with a smartphone.

  1. Make sure you shoot horizontally (left-to-right lengthwise).

  2. Don’t use zoom. Ask a friend to help you record if possible. Make sure they include the top of your head and a few inches below your shoulders.

  3. Record in a QUIET place so that you get good audio.

  4. Relax and be yourself. Tell us YOUR story!

How to Submit Your Story

  1. Upload your file to Google Drive or Dropbox (or another cloud file app). Send us the link to info@power4puertorico.com.

  2. If you upload it to your own social media channels, make sure you use the hashtag #BoricuasRemember. Tag us on Facebook (@power4puertorico) and/or Twitter (@Pwr4PuertoRico).

  3. Tell us your name, the city you live in, and when you or your family moved from Puerto Rico.

Need Help? Reach out to one of our local or national partners. One or more of them may be in your neighborhood!